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Makeup 101: How to Determine which Colors to Choose for your Skin Tone and Eye Color

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Hello, and welcome to my makeup blog. My name is Candie and I am a professional makeup artist. Today I am going to be going over how to determine colors of makeup are best suited for your hair, skin and eye color.

When determining your skin color you must first determine if your skin is light medium or dark. Then you can determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. A quick and easy way to determine whether you are warm or cool is to take a picture of yourself and change the background to either gold or silver if you look better and healthier with a gold background then you’re most likely warm. If you look better or healthier with a silver background then you are most likely cool. If you are like me you’re one of the lucky few who can be determined as both warm and cool so don’t be flabbergasted if you look good with both.

Here is a quick rundown on color temperatures. For more information about color theory please see my other blog posts in the makeup section. The following are colors that are considered to be both warm and cool. Pink, purple, green, red, white. Blue is considered to be cool brown is considered to be warm while gray and black are considered to be neutral.

Choosing your Foundation

Fair light skin with creamy or slightly pink undertones would be considered ivory to fair. Medium skin with pink or yellow undertones are considered to be a beige or medium. Olive skin with gold or yellow undertones are considered to be olive or warm. Dark skin with brown, red or blue undertones are considered to be deep or dark. Be cautious when choosing colors lighter than the skin. If the color is too light, it will turn gray or chalky on the skin. When you go to choose a foundation, here are two helpful tips.

1) Do not swatch on your hand because your face is a much different shade.

2) Only swatch products that come from a pump. Putting publicly used products on your face is unsanitary and could cause you to get sick. Even still sanitize the pump before dispensing.

Choosing your Eye Makeup

Neutrals are always a safe choice when starting out with eye make up. They contain elements of both warm and cool and usually work well with any skin tone, eye, or hair color.

Blue eyes

Orange is the complementary color to blue. Because orange contains yellow and red, shadows with any of these colors in them will make your eyes appear more blue. Common choices may include gold, warm orange-browns liked peach or copper, red-browns like mauves and plum, and neutrals like taupe or camel. Orange is a warm color and not flattering to all skin tones so use it sparingly.

Green eyes

Red is the complementary color to green. Because red shadows tend to make the eyes look tired, pure red tones are not recommended. Instead, use brown-based reds or other color options next to red on the color wheel. These include red-orange, red-violet, and violet. Popular choices are copper, rustic, and purple.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes are neutral and can wear pretty much any color.

Once you have determined whether you should wear cool or warm colors for your eyes it will be much easier to select cool or warm colors for your cheeks and lips.

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