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Professional Makeup Services


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"



Here is a comprehensive list of all of the projects I have done over the years.

Please check projects in post production when viewing IMDb credits.


The Line (Feature Film), Looking for Dr. Love (Feature Film), Seven Cemeteries (Feature Film), NFL/ATT (Commercial), A Baby at Any Cost (Feature Film), Help Wanted (Feature Film), The Nanny Knows (Feature Film), Black Bags (Feature Film), Deadly Debutantes (Feature Film), God's Not Dead: We the People (Feature Film), Deadly Dormitory (Feature Film), Model House (Feature Film), Oklahoma Hall of Fame (Edge Media Productions), Harvest of the Heart (Feature Film), Dotty & Soul (Feature Film), Iké Boys (Feature Film), A thousand little cuts (Feature Film), Bob Moore (Commercial), Full Out 2 (Feature Film), Infamous (Feature Film), Prone to Violence (Short Film), President Gallogly Donor Video (The University of Oklahoma), Chrome Mountain (Book Promotion), Mary Milben Special Guest (OKC Thunder), Means of Transportation (Short Film), Ship of State (Micro Short), Love on Repeat (Feature Film), In Bed with a Killer (Feature Film, Lifetime), The Boren Legacy (OETA/The University of Oklahoma), The Dawnseeker (Feature Film), In Sickness and in Health (Short Film), McIntyre Law Firm (Commercial Series), Nyakio Grieco (Nyakio Beauty), The Hourglass Vortex (TV Series), Song for the Broken (Music Video), Integris Beautiful Campaign (News OK/Daily Oklahoman), Modified (Web Series), Lord Finn (Feature Film), H2O True (Commercial), True Tech (Commercial).


Makeup and/or Hair Assistant

Criket (Feature Film), Enslaved by Ducks (Feature Film), Christmas Tree Love (Feature Film), Unplugging (Feature Film), Reagan (Feature Film), Family Camp (Feature Film), Stillwater (Feature Film), Asking for It (Feature Film), The Pale Door (Feature Film), Empyrean (Feature Film), Blueberry Hall (Feature Film), I'm OK (Feature Film), Whoa (Music Video).


Provide Makeup Services for Nationally recognized stations such at CNN, MCNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, Yahoo, Larry King and more.


L'Oréal Brand Ambassador

Provided samples and advice to individuals in attendance at promotional events.

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Bridal Makeup

I know how important it is for brides stand out on their special day. Check out my bridal makeup services on my new site Illea Bridal. I have various packages for different budgets, but I only have one goal in mind: to make each and every bride to look and feel their very best on their special day. Take a peek at my work and decide which look you would like for yourself.

Classic Beauty


Photo: Ashley Porton Photography

Brides often come to me asking for a sophisticated look, and I am here to deliver. During our appointment, I will show you photos of my past projects in order to find a chic and classy look for the bride who wants a little something extra. Dance with all of your guests and stay gorgeous ‘til the end. Let’s chat today to start designing your own special look.

Natural Beauty


Photo: Ashley Porton Photography

Although most brides dream of being beautiful on their wedding day, they don’t all want their makeup to be too heavy. A bride’s makeup should be comfortable, not caked on layer after layer. I can capture a bride’s personal style and create a classy and elegant upgrade, without drowning their eyes with mascara. The look I create is fresh, bold, and lovely.

Sophisticated Glam


Not all brides want the full glam look but every now and then, I get a few! I love you all. For the sophisticated glam look we ensure that you will still look like a bride but utilize all of the latest trends in contouring and eye makeup to ensure you look red carpet ready on your special day.

Smeared eyeshadow
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